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TWS Ep. 9 Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Swags and Carbs can’t agree on movies, but find a common ground on local Mexican restaurants.  Swap out your daily glass of wine with margaritas as the girls give you a taste of Nashville Film Festival, date nights, and then continue the battle with a fierce Fall Out Boy Buzzfeed quiz.

TWS Ep. 8 We Are Fuller of It!

This week Swags and Carbs binge the Netflix original series Fuller House. And if that’s not enough to swallow they also talk about the success of the 54 Hour Film Festival and bring their game to a Disney movie quote quiz.

TWS Ep. 7 We’re All Kinds of Emotional…

… For The Lone Bellow! Swags and Carbs jam out at 3rd and Lindsley for The Lone Bellow concert for this week’s edition of music venues. Movie knowledge is challenged with a quiz on opening lines. Tune in to see who comes out on top.

TWS Ep. 1 It’s the Pilot, Bitch!

On the inaugural episode of The Weekly Sip, Swags and Carbs talk a little bit about themselves, give some tips to wintertime Nashville drivers, Carbs learns about the Zika virus, and then Producer Galen joins to moderate a contest of airport knowledge.